Webster County

[Holly River State Park]
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Holly River State Park

                 PO Box 70
Hacker Valley, WV 26222

Holly River State Park is in the midst of a woodland paradise where park guests can vacation in the cabins/campground and play tennis or go hiking, biking, fishing and swimming.



partially accessible Entrance No signs indicating nearest
      accessible entrance
accessible Ramps Accessible
partially accessible Parking and Drop Off Area No van accessible signs
partially accessible Rest Rooms No signage
N/A Telephone Not applicable
accessible Access to Goods & Services Accessible
accessible Doors Accessible
partially accessible Stairs No non-slip surface
N/A Elevator/Lift Not applicable
N/A Theater/Auditorium Not applicable
accessible Emergency Exit Accessible
accessible Camp Site Accessible
accessible Picnic Shelter Accessible
accessible Fishing Accessible
accessible Swimming Accessible
accessible Playground Accessible