West Virginia Assistive Technology System

Assistive Technology and Durable Medical Equipment Providers, Vendors and Repair Services - Kentucky

The following list is designed to assist individuals in finding assistive technology and durable medical equipment providers, vendors and repair services in West Virginia.  The list is broken down alphabetically by county and offers suggestions in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky for WV residents close to bordering states.


If you are aware of any providers not on the list, please contact WVATS at 800.841.8436 or wvats@hsc.wvu.edu.


We also have listings in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.


Venders Reference listing in Kentucky


Boyd County

  • Ashland Prosthetic & Orthotic - Ashland, KY
    Manufacturer 606-324-5786
    Company Profile:  Prosthetics & orthotics
  • Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics - Ashland, KY
    Distributor 606-324-5461
    Company Profile:  Prosthetics & orthotics
  • Rite Aid - Ashland, KY
    Distributor 606-324-0372
    Company Profile:  Medical equip. & supplies
  • Ashland Community Medical Equipment - Ashland, KY
    Manufacturer 606-324-1101
    Company Profile:  Ashland, KY
  • Wecare Medical LLC - Ashland, KY
    Manufacturer 606-325-9222
    Company Profile:  Medical equip. & supplies
  • Tri-State Stairlifts-Med Equipment - Ashland, KY
    Manufacturer 606-329-1344
    Company Profile:  Stair lifts, Medical equip. & supplies

Carter County

  • Rite Aid - Grayson, KY
    Distributor 606-474-4470
    Company Profile:  Medical equip. & supplies

Greenup County

  • Rite Aid - Flatwoods, KY
    Distributor 606-836-2498
    Company Profile:  Medical equip. & supplies
  • Wright Care Home Medical Supplies - South Shore, KY
    Manufacturer 606-932-9205
    Company Profile:  Medical equip. & supplies

Lawrence County

  • James Medical Equipment Ltd. - Louisa, KY
    Manufacturer 606-638-4040
    Company Profile:  Oxygen equip. & supplies
  • Genesis Oxygen & Home Medical Equipment - Louisa, KY
    Distributor 606-638-9303
    Company Profile:  Oxygen equip. & supplies