West Virginia Assistive Technology System

Computer Access Assessment Training Institute (CAATI)

This course is designed to train motivated, computer-literate individuals to give computer access assessments (CAA) to persons with disabilities. Participants learn to identify hardware, peripherals and software that would best fit a person's special needs on an individual case basis. The course addresses needs of both adults and children.

The course includes hardware and software demonstrations and hands-on activities. Individuals who represent specific needs will demonstrate how to use the specialized hardware and software most effectively.

The training focuses on computer access based on:

  • Sensory access needs
  • Cognition access needs
  • Speech and communication needs
  • Mobility/physical access needs

At the end of this training each participant will be able to:

  1. Assess computer access needs of individuals who have disabilities
  3. Recommend appropriate hardware and software to meet needs of these individuals
  5. Know what funding sources and other resources are available
  7. Know how to write appropriate assessment reports and letters
  9. Collaborate with professionals from other disciplines
  11. Increase awareness of issues impacting computer access

How to arrange this training at your site
   We will tailor this training to meet your needs. The length of the training as well as the location and date will be set up to accommodate all of those attending. Please call us at (800) 841-8436 to make arrangements or for more details.