West Virginia Assistive Technology System

Assistive Technology Training

Where Can I Find Training About Assistive Technology?

Several programs in West Virginia offer training related to assistive technology. The following provides a brief description of those programs.

The West Virginia Assistive Technology System (WVATS)

WVATS offers a variety of trainings for individuals, caregivers, school systems, businesses, and community organizations on various topics. WVATS can customize trainings to meet your specific needs. These can be addressed in a variety of assistive device and service areas such as vision, hearing, cognition or mobility devices for children, adults, or seniors. For more information, call 800-841-8436.

Office of Information Technology at WVU

The Office of IT provides training to individuals referred by Disability Services at WVU for computer-based assistive technology accommodations. Students interested in using assistive technology, and faculty seeking to make course materials accessible, can visit on-demand demonstrations in the Online Training section of their website. For more information, call 304-293-4444 or visit it.wvu.edu/services/at.

Camp Gizmo

Camp Gizmo is a five day hands-on camp where parents, professionals, and student learn how assistive technology can help young children with significant and multiple developmental needs. For more information, call 800-642-9704.

Centers for Independent Living

The Centers for Independent Living have offices throughout the state of West Virginia. They offer an Independent Living Skills Training which consists of skills needed by an individual to live independently in one's environment. For more information, call 800-834-6408.

Easter Seals

Easter Seals offers individuals access to a complete assistive technology and augmentative communication labs, and offers community screenings and school consultations upon request. For more information, call 800-677-1390.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

JAN provides training opportunities to enable users to improve their knowledge and skills about job accommodation. For more information, call 800-526-7234 or visit jan.wvu.edu.


The Seeing Hand Association


The Seeing Hand offers training in computer use and access technology. With a variety of available access technology products, clients are able to test, select, and learn. For more information, call 304-232-4810 or visit seeinghandassociation.com.


West Virginia Birth to Three


West Virginia Birth to Three offers a one-day videoconference training that is held in several locations across the state on supporting infants and toddlers in participating in home and community activities by adapting and modifying their environment. For more information, call 800-642-9704.


West Virginia Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


The WVCDHH provides very specific trainings throughout the year. For more information and to see trainings that are being offered, visit wvdhhr.org/wvcdhh or call 866-461-3578.


West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services


WVDRS offers specialized programs and services that help West Virginia citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing and those with visual impairments. For more information, call 800-642-3021.


West Virginia Parent-Educator Resource Center (PERC) Project


PERCs provide information, resources, and training for parents on important issues such as parenting skills, problem solving, behavior management, and home learning activities. For more information, call your local Parent Educator Resource Center or the state team at 800-642-8541.


West Virginia Parent Training and Information (WVPTI)


WVPTI is a parent training center that provides trainings on assistive technology for students. For more information, call 800-281-1436.


West Virginia University Speech Clinic


The WVU Speech Clinic conducts augmentative communication evaluations and trainings. For more information, call 304-293-6817 or visit csd.wvu.edu.