Fall 2015 E-Brief

Plentiful Harvests with Green thumbs, Healthy Joints

a photo of a collection of raised gardens

Photos courtesy of the Hardy County Health and Wellness Center

The Green Thumbs, Healthy Joints program funded a variety of accessible gardening projects around the state during the 2015 growing season. Nonprofit groups bought and used ergonomic tools and practical gardening methods to help make gardening more accessible for people with arthritis, osteoporosis and joint limitations. Green Thumbs, Healthy Joints encourages community service and volunteerism.

One example of a successful project this season is the Hardy County Health and Wellness Center. The group built raised garden beds at their wellness center, which is next door to a local senior center in Moorefield, West Virginia. They often worked in the morning to help prevent stiffness and beat the summer heat. Participants planted cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, Swiss chard, lettuce, squash, beets and pumpkins. They had a plentiful harvest, and enjoyed eating healthy foods they grew themselves.

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