West Virginia Assistive Technology System

Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center

WVATS was selected to be a Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center (MARC) by the Microsoft Corporation.  WVATS is the only Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center in West Virginia.  Organizations that were selected had to meet particular criteria:

  • Be open to the community.

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of accessibility and assistive technology solutions for computer users of Microsoft Windows.

  • Offer assistance for a variety of types of impairments.

  • Be self-sufficient: Microsoft does not provide technical support or one-on-one training to Centers. Instead, Microsoft supports the work of Centers already engaged and chartered to conduct accessibility training.

  • Geographic location of the center.

Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers show consumers, family members and caregivers what is possible with accessible technology solutions available on computers running Windows operating systems. These centers, including WVATS, are designed to meet a variety of needs including reduced eyesight, wrist/arm discomfort, hearing loss and other disabilities.  These centers demonstrate accessibility options and assistive technology products that can add to an individual's computer skills and proficiency.

As a MARC, WVATS will be advertised on the Microsoft Accessibility website, in newsletters, articles, etc.   For more information about the MARC program or about Microsoft accessibility visit www.microsoft.com/enable.