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Assistive Technology Device Demonstrations

WVATS provides access to assistive technology devices and services for the people of West Virginia through its Assistive Technology Demonstration Center. Located in Morgantown, the demonstration center showcases assistive technology (AT) in an interactive setting for people of all ages to explore. WVATS welcomes individuals with disabilities, family members, caregivers, service providers, employers and others.

Visitors can explore a variety of AT devices that promote independence and function at home, school, and work. Individuals can drop-in to explore devices on their own, or make an appointment to have specific devices demonstrated. The Center has devices covering a wide range of need areas, including: computer access, environmental controls, augmentative communication, hearing, vision, learning, memory, organization and aids for daily living.

WVATS travels around the state providing demonstrations for interested organizations and individuals.  WVATS also collaborates with programs around the state to create or enhance existing libraries of assistive technology.

To schedule an appointment, learn more about the WVATS Assistive Technology Demonstration Center or learn about other existing demonstration centers around the state, please call 800-841-8436 or e-mail wvats@hsc.wvu.edu.

Examples of Equipment and Software Categories Available at WVATS

  • Hearing equipment
  • Vision equipment
  • Computer and related computer access equipment
  • Health, safety, daily living, and environmental controls
  • Augmentative communication systems
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Recreation/leisure equipment
  • Learning/developmental equipment