Assistive Technology Training

WVATS provides a variety of training opportunities for groups.  A wide range of training is available including: specific equipment (i.e., related to vision, hearing, speech, learning disabilities, etc.); work site and education accommodations; funding/policy issues; AT resources; strategies for implementation and special requests.

Specific trainings include:

"The Fundamentals of Assistive Technology": This hands-on interactive training is designed to give participants a basic understanding of assistive technology, assistive technology services, funding and methods for obtaining assistive technology. Participants are introduced to both low-tech and high-tech assistive devices.
"Computer Access Assessment Technology Institute": The primary purpose of this course is to train motivated, computer-literate individuals to give computer access assessments (CAA) to persons with disabilities. Attendees learn to identify hardware, peripherals and software that would best fit a person's special needs on an individual basis. The course addresses the needs of both adults and children.
"Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Training": This training is designed to increase awareness about a variety of disabilities and discusses Person First Language and how to provide appropriate accommodations.
"Assistive Technology Training - WorkForce WV": This training was developed specifically for the WorkForce WV Career Centers to train staff on accessible computer equipment in the Centers. This training is available to WorkForce staff, or can be altered to meet the needs of any group needing training on specific assistive technology for computers.
"Universal Design in Education": Application of Universal Design can help ensure a variety of learning styles and needs are being met. This training introduces individuals to the concept of universal design and gives practical ways to apply the principles to classrooms and school work.
"Web Site Accessibility": WVATS can provide training on how to check web sites for accessibility by using the Accessible Information Solutions (AIS) Web Accessibility Toolbar. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires that electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained or used by the Federal government be accessible to people with disabilities.
"Universal Design in Housing": This training includes information on the history of Universal Design (UD) and how the seven principles of UD translate into practical features for a home. Using the principles of UD in the construction and modification of living environments can help create homes that are useable, marketable and accessible.

Specialized Trainings: WVATS can customize trainings to meet the needs of a school, business or other organization. Specific needs can be addressed in a variety of assistive device and service areas such as vision, hearing, cognition or mobility devices for children, youth, adults or seniors.

For more information on assistive technology trainings offered by WVATS and other organizations in WV, visit the 'specialized trainings' link at http://wvats.cedwvu.org/factsheets/assistive-technology-training/.  

To request a training call 800-841-8436 or e-mail wvats@hsc.wvu.edu.