WVATS Newsletter

WVATS Newsletter July 2022 a photo of a boy using a wheelchair on a beach. The wheelchairadapted with large tires for beach travel

Summer is a time for fun. Fun with family. Fun in the outdoors for all ages. Assistive tools can make summer fun more accessible for all. Some ideas include:

  • Switch adapted Nerf guns so everyone can play
  • Adaptive bikes and trikes to enjoy local trails
  • Floatation devices for fun in the water
  • Adapted gardening tools for summer gardens
  • Inclusive playgrounds that allow access for all

For more information on these and other assistive tools for summer recreation, call WVATS at 800-841-8436, email WVATS at wvats@hsc.wvu.edu or visit the WVATS website at wvats.cedwvu.org.

Check It Out

Super Soaker

Beat the heat with this switch adapted Nerf water gun. People with limited hand function can soak their friends up to 30' away. The water gun will shoot when the switch is pressed and it stops when released. It also works without a switch. WVATS has two Super Soakers available for 30 day loans in the loan library at https://vll.cedwvu.org/items/ItemSearch.aspx?Search=hydrostorm&CategoryID=0&ProgramID=191.

There is an App for That

TraiLink: Trail Maps & Guide

a photo of a hiker staring at his phone

The TraiLink: Trail maps & Guide app provides information on trails across West Virginia and the country. Find out if a trail is matched for your needs. Search for traits such as trails of specific lengths, surface types, or that are wheelchair accessible. The app is available for free on the android and iOS platforms.

Upcoming Events & Training

AT 101

Thursday, August 11 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM:

This training is an introduction to assistive technology. Training participants will learn information on different types of AT and how these tools can be beneficial. Attendees will also learn how to access the different services WVATS provides.

To register for a training or to find out about future training and events, visit the WVATS Upcoming Events at wvats.cedwvu.org/upcoming-events.