March 2022 - Brain Injury Awareness Month

March 2022 WVATS E-Newsletter

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Some daily activities can be hard for people with traumatic or acquired brain injuries. Assistive tools can help make some activities easier. Tools for communication:

  • Cards with pictures, symbols, words or photos to communicate with others
  • Speech generating devices can give a voice

Tools for memory:

  • Reminder watches can alert users about appointments or medication times
  • Schedule and to do apps help people remember when, where and what to do

Tools for writing:

  • Smart pens allow users to record audio while taking notes if unable to write all information
  • Speech to text software and apps will dictate documents, emails, texts and more
  • Word prediction software expands vocabulary and predicts what word is needed next

For more information on these and other assistive tools that can help individuals with brain injuries, call WVATS at , email WVATS at wvats@hsc.wvu.edu or visit the WVATS website at wvats.cedwvu.org.

Check It Out

Watchminder 3

The WatchMinder 3 is a vibrating watch and reminder system. It can help users stay focused and manage time. Reminders can be personalized or chosen from pre-programmed messages to use with alarms. An interval timer can be set to cue users to focus at regular times. The WatchMinder 3 is available for loan in the WVATS loan library at https://vll.cedwvu.org/Items/ItemDetails.aspx?ItemID=172921.

For more information on the WatchMinder 3 or other memory aid devices available in our loan library, call WVATS at 800-841-8436 or email WVATS at wvats@hsc.wvu.edu.

There is an App for That

a snapshot of the app including lists for making coffee, doing the dishes and baking salmon


The CanPlan app helps break down tasks into easy to follow steps with pictures. Text and audio prompts can be added. Scheduling and reminder features help users complete tasks on time. The app helps to promote independence and confidence by helping people successfully complete tasks. The CanPlan app is available on the iOS platform.

Upcoming Events & Training

Wednesday, April 27, 2022, from 3 pm to 4 pm:

Switch Access

This training will provide information on how the world can be accessed with a switch. Attendees will learn about different types of switches and how they can be used across the lifespan. Attendees will also learn the importance and power of switch use.

Thursday, April 28, 2022, from 1 pm to 2 pm:

Creating Accessible Documents

Accessibility is important for more than legal reasons. Providing information in accessible formats increases the number of people who can access the information. WVATS provides accessible Microsoft Word and PowerPoint trainings to organizations around the state. The trainings provide a step-by-step introduction to accessibility in these commonly used programs. Please have the most updated versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

To register for a training or to find out about future training and events, visit the WVATS Upcoming Events at wvats.cedwvu.org/upcoming-events.