WVATS Quarterly Newsletter

Tools for

Kids of all ages enjoy an opportunity for fun and games. Unfortunately, some kids may feel like they cannot always take part in activities with friends. Assistive tools (AT) can make some of these activities a reality.

Nerf and water gun battles can be enjoyed by the young and the old. These activities are not typically accessible to all. Fine motor skills are needed to pull the trigger. There could also be problems with holding the gun. WVATS has added two new toys to the library that can make nerf and water battles more accessible.

The switch-adapted Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino- Fire Blaster can fire 50 darts before reloading. Just press the switch to fire the darts and release to stop. The darts can shoot up to 90 feet. A removable tripod allows the nerf gun to be positioned on a table or attached to a mount on a wheelchair.

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