WVATS Quarterly Newsletter

Fun with Assistive Technology

a photo of two children using wheelchairs playing on a accessible playground

Assistive technology (AT) is more than daily living aids. It also goes beyond home, school or work. AT can also be used for fun, sports, recreation and leisure activities.

Closed captioning or audio descriptions for movies are examples of AT for recreation and leisure. There are also adapted sports equipment or controls for video games. The most commonly used are sports and gardening aids, toys and games.

Below are devices that could help someone participate in recreation activities.

Swimming: Floatation devices can help people with limited mobility stay active in the water. Pool lifts, ramps and rails can be used to make pools more accessible.

Games: Large print and braille cards can help people with low vision or blindness continue to play card games. Card holders can assist those who may have difficulty holding a hand of cards. A switch spinner can help those who cannot spin a spinner or roll dice for a game.

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