WVATS offers free statewide services to individuals of all ages and all abilities through the federally funded program. These services are designed to ensure West Virginia residents have an opportunity to make informed decisions before purchasing assistive technology devices. By learning what devices are available and trying them out, individuals are more likely to purchase the correct device, which saves them both time and money.

Our services are available to all West Virginia residents and no documentation of a disability is required.

Device Demonstrations

Individuals receive impartial demonstrations of device and product features through the hands-on guidance of knowledgeable and experienced Assistive Technology Specialists. Often our consumers are unaware of the options available to meet their needs or are hesitant to try devices that appear complicated. AT demonstrations provide information while also allowing the consumer to ask questions specific to their needs.

Device demonstrations can be provided at the WVATS office in Morgantown, WV or an AT Specialist can meet with an individual in their local area when they are traveling in that area. Keep an eye on the 'Where Is WVATS?' section on the main page of the website to see when we will be in your area.

Contact us to request a device demonstration.

Device Loans

Often it takes more than a device demonstration to make sure the device will meet the user’s needs. WVATS offers a short-term (30-day) device loan, allowing consumers to try the device in their own environment to ensure it is the correct device for them.

Device loans are also helpful in the event of a short-term disability, such as a broken bone or recovering from a surgery. Rather than purchasing a device that may only be needed for a short time, an individual can borrow a device.

Service providers also borrow devices to complete assessments or trainings.

Visit our online loan library to see what is available or to request a device.

Device Reuse

WVATS also operates a device reuse program. This program takes donated devices and gets them back into the hands of West Virginia residents in need free of charge. Devices provided through the reuse program become the property of the individual receiving them, they do not need to be returned.

WVATS does accept donations of gently used equipment for this program. However, due to limited storage space we cannot accept all devices. If you have a device you would like to donate, please contact us.

Information and Referral

WVATS is available to answer your questions about disability needs, assistive technology devices, funding options and many other topics. Our friendly staff will provide you with information and resources to get point you in the right direction.

Contact us with your assistive technology questions.


WVATS provides professional development and group training around the state. These trainings are customized to increase knowledge, skills, and competencies in AT devices and service delivery.

Popular training topics include:

  • Creating Accessible Documents
  • Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations
  • Assistive Technology and Transition
  • Switch Access Basics
  • iPads as Assistive Technology
  • Assistive Technology for Recreation
  • Assistive Technology for Aging

Contact us to request a training or to discuss training options.

Technical Assistance

WVATS provides technical assistance to government agencies, institutes of higher education, industry, and other entities. Technical Assistance includes consultation on AT related programs and service design.

Contact us to request technical assistance for your organization.

Adventure is for Everyone

The Adventure is for Everyone project has made adaptive mountain and trail bikes available in multiple West Virginia locations for people to borrow, free of charge. Bikes are available at Wamsley Cycles in Morgantown and at the Challenged Athletes of West Virginia at Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

This project was funded by a grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation with the goal of increasing opportunities for individuals with spinal cord injuries, mobility impairments and/or other disabilities to experience outdoor adventures without barriers, which also increases opportunities for inclusive activities with families and friends.